The Glory Hole wins HUMP! 2014

    Every year Dan Savage (Sex columnist, Radio Host, and personal hero to Daniel and Wesley) hosts an amateur Adult Film Festival called HUMP! Fest. This year the Fishman Crew decided to try something new and produce a submission. You can read the submission requirements to the festival HERE. 
    But what would the topic be? The team wanted to explore a TRUE LIFE story that celebrated sexuality and professionally re-create it. Fishman's dear friends from San Francisco, Jeff and Cosgrove, fell in love under such circumstances. An interview was filmed in San Francisco by Wesley, with Daniel and Stephen joining by Skype. Jeff and Cosgrove told the tender, sexy, and hilarious story of how they met 20 years ago. The re-creation of their story was filmed in Southern California with 2 actors playing the younger versions of the couple. The final 3:48 Minute Short Film was accepted into the 2014 Festival, hosted in the Pacific Northwest. 
    Not wanting to miss the festivities and the chance to meet Dan Savage himself, the crew of 9 traveled to Portland, OR to participate in the festival. After tallying the audience votes from ALL the Hump Screenings, THE GLORY HOLE took home the top prize and a $5000 prize. That makes this production the MOST FINANCIALLY SUCCESSFUL film in the history of Marty Fishman. The film can only be seen during the HUMP! Tour. Tickets and Dates can be found HERE.