Mushboom Frisky's Adventure - Kickstarter Video | December 2014
Stephen's Kickstarter Video for his unique animation project. MUSHBOOM is an Animated Short Film about discovering the Spirituality within Yourself. It is a fun, action-packed adventure that will inspire you and give you chills! Successfully funded on January 1st, 2015.

   Gravity Within a Teapot | September 2012
Journey inward and upward with the appropriate colors to match. Music by Technobabble! and video by Stephen Siemens. Contains a Daft Punk Remix and a song by Burial.

   Progression of Meditation | February 2012
Meditation is about focus. This is about the distractions in between. Distorted by Stephen Siemens with sounds by Technobabble!.

   I Used to be a Swimmer | September 2011
Broken wings don't provide much shade, especially when you're crawling through the desert, and you've just lost your legs. Animated by Stephen Siemens, using music "On a Highway" by Animal Collective.

   Leap of Faith | September 2011
An intimate moment, disrupted by crows - and the lengths we will go to rekindle that romance. A collaboration between Wesley Houdyshell and Stephen Siemens.

   Spaceman Murray | June 2011
"Spaceman Murray travels all alone..." Based on the fictional children's book by the fictional Dr. Mustard, this is an animated sequence from the film Marty's Magnificent Day-Glo Dream-a-Thon. Hippie Cream made the song and Stephen Siemens made the animation.

   Old Man in the Sky | March 2011
Waking is and grabbing a snack is be a hard chore as we get older. And sometimes reality hits us even harder. With some lo-fi organ by Wesley Houdyshell and animation by Stephen Siemens.