Hippie Cream Brings Hope to your Skull

    Hippie Cream is back with a brand new lo-fi treasure. The group returns to their garage recording roots with Uncle Cory in the Captain Seat. This creamy collection of 14 new songs represents the best aspects of the band: 

- the tender wisdom behind Bob's vocals
- those soft snare "clacks" that Drummer Sean breaths into the microphone
- the hop-a-long horse-bounce that is a "Travis" bass line
- the layered melodies of Sean Longstreet's deepest desires
- a cast of heartbreaking heroes, as only uncle cory can write them
- the low tones of wesley's beard personified through vocal vibration 
- a mix-match of different vocal takes piled on each other
- general white noise under the songs

It has been a while since we heard new material from Hemet's oldest band. It's good to have them back with a "Skull Full of Hope." 

In true Hippie Cream fashion, the project has inspired a pitter patter of inspiration through the collective:

- a new Gatsby's Fiddle album
- a Hippie Cream Concert Film / Documentary in the works
- Cory is now brewing his own beer

Let's "hope" it's not another year until we get more material from these strangers in the basement. 

Internet Movie Daniel Base

The (almost) complete works of Marty Fishman are now on IMDb.com

It really is weird to see all the movies listed in chronological order. Big time people (like Martin Scorsese, Jake Gyllenhaal, Crispin Glover) have IMDb profiles, and now all of the Fishman Team do as well. From Brosis all the way to Remembering When, the filmography is forever documented on the internet. Daniel's Mom even has an IMDb page!

If you want a tip about submitting your work to IMDb: simply start a free trial of IMDb Pro and submit your little butt off. There is a Contribution Zone, where you can submit your work. It would appear that those with a "pro" account get higher priority for contributions.

The Pro account also allows you to upload a picture of yourself. Daniel's profile picture was taken by Golden Era Productions.

Brosis 2: XXX-Mas

In 2007, Daniel Maggio set out to make his first feature film at the age of 17. With the support of friends, family, a young Stephen Siemens, and even teachers, the perverted result was Brosis.

The story follows Lester and Meredith, brother and sister, as they unknowingly fall in love with each other over the internet.

Since the film's release, DVDs have circulated this great country and a "cult" following has emerged.

On December 19th 2015, the original cast of the film reunited for a One Night Only staged reading of Brosis 2: XXX-mas. Due to geographical and occupational obstacles, Marty Fishman is skeptical if the film will ever be immortalized on Digital Video. The next best thing to seeing Lester and Meredith on the big screen, is to see them on stage.

The event was a toy drive for the Hemet United Way Chapter. Thirty-Three toys were gathered for the cause and the event was hosted by the Diamond Valley Arts Center. Thanks to everyone who came out to support Marty Fishman's first ever staged reading of an original screenplay.

If you haven't seen the original film, you can watch it HERE.
password: lester

Cuckold - HUMP Fest 2015

For the second year in a row, Marty Fishman has produced a short film for Dan Savage's HUMP Fest. This year's submission, Cuckold, was their most challenging and rewarding production to date.

Once the film was selected to play at this year's festival, the team travelled up to Seattle to experience HUMP (the country's largest independent porn film festival).

Yes, there are movies in the festival that feature graphic, hilarious, and sensual depictions of coitus. Cuckold follows in the tradition of The Glory Hole (last year's submission from Fishman) and keeps the characters forefront and the sexuality as a necessary vehicle for the story.

The film played to a bewildered, yet supportive audience. Dan Savage himself said our leading man was "hot," but wanted to shave off his mustache.

Cuckold won the Jury Award and will be featured in this year's tour. Check their Website to find screenings near you. The only way to see the film is in Theaters on the HUMP tour.

Marty's Magnificent Day-Glo Stream-a-thon

Marty's Magnificent Day-Glo Dream-a-thon, the film that started it all, is now streaming for the FIRST TIME on the internet.

After many hours of inserting the DVD into his computer, Marty figured out how to transfer the movie into "Internet Format."

Since the film was shot on multiple cameras with multiple frames rates, the film has been preserved in DVD format only. Traditionally, editing programs don't allow you to make a timeline with multiple frame rates (23.98 and 29.97 frames per second are common in the video world). Now with the addition of Black Magic H.264 Encoder, Marty Fishman Productions has finally been able to transfer the film to a High Quality Quicktime file.

Enough nerd talk. Enjoy the movie. The film can be streamed on VIMEO or directly on our SITE.

Remembering When: The Story Mr. Whittier's Hemet

Marty Fishman Productions recently wrapped their 3rd Feature Film! Is 50 minutes technically a feature? Maybe Hour-Long Historical Drama is a better term for the project.

Michael Tennant's original play "Remembering When: The Story of Mr. Whittier's Hemet" was adapted for the screen by the Fishman Crew (with Wesley as Producer, Stephen as Cinematographer, Sean Longstreet as Composer, and Daniel as Director).

The World Premiere was held at the Historic Hemet Theatre on May 15th, 2015. Hundreds of Citizens (mostly of the "Senior" persuasion) came out to experience this locally produced glimpse into our history.

The film chronicles the early days of Hemet, all the way to Whittier's Death in 1917. Audiences will learn about the construction of the Lake Hemet Dam, early Hemet culture, and the aspirations of the town's "first citizen" William F. Whittier (played by Tennant).

DVD copies of the film can be found at the Hemet Museum and Historic Hemet Theatre.
Enjoy the Trailer below:

Junior now Streaming Online

In honor of Philip R. Maggio jr's Birthday (the man who inspired the character of JUNIOR), the Hemet Based Miniseries is now available ONLINE for streaming.

Watch all 6 episodes completely free! Enjoy some behind the scenes photos as well as a full cast/soundtrack list.

Drink in these tasty episodes like a cold can of Budweiser:

"Yes, this website was made with SquareSpace, now F*ck off!" - Junior

"Happy Birthday, Dad" - Daniel

GKISS Records in the Woods

Did you know Hemet has it's own Independent Record Label?
They do! It's called GKISS Records and Fishman Projects Gatsby's Fiddle and Richard Friend are on it. Yes, the royalty checks are just flying in.

Marty Fishman recently rented a Limo and brought the GKISS boys up to the Funky Bazaar for a day of fun and recording. Only one problem, we didn't bring any food. 

You can watch the Shenanigans below:

Watch the full Gatsby's Fiddle performance of "Hitler and Ghandi" HERE
Watch the full Richard Friend performance of "Priceless Princess" HERE

Mushboom Successfully Funded!

Stephen Siemens, talented animator here at Fishman, has launched his first Kickstarter Project. 

"MUSHBOOM is an Animated Short Film about discovering the Spirituality within Yourself. It is a fun, action-packed adventure that will inspire you and give you chills!

This project was birthed 2 years ago when I was struck by the concept of our protagonist, Frisky. I sketched him out, developed the script, and recorded the voice talents of my closest friends. Then I set to work, to begin the animation process." - SS

And now the Project has been successfully funded! Thank you all for supporting this strange and beautiful project. The film will premiere at Studio Redlands on February 7th, 2015.

Junior: The Miniseries

It's Christmas again and that means JUNIOR has returned. During the month of December, the Fishman crew set out on the ambitious project of producing JUNIOR: THE MINISERIES.

Junior deals with becoming a father, preserving the Hemet he loves, and people chewing with their mouths open.

BY THE NUMBERS: 20 days of Production, 97 scenes, 32 Actors, 72 minutes long, 6 Episodes, 45 Classic Rock Tunes, 3 Fake Moustaches, 44 Budweisers, 1 sequence shot in Temecula.

The Series will Premiere tonight at the Historic Hemet Theatre. 8PM.

Watch the Teaser Below:

The Glory Hole wins HUMP! 2014

    Every year Dan Savage (Sex columnist, Radio Host, and personal hero to Daniel and Wesley) hosts an amateur Adult Film Festival called HUMP! Fest. This year the Fishman Crew decided to try something new and produce a submission. You can read the submission requirements to the festival HERE. 
    But what would the topic be? The team wanted to explore a TRUE LIFE story that celebrated sexuality and professionally re-create it. Fishman's dear friends from San Francisco, Jeff and Cosgrove, fell in love under such circumstances. An interview was filmed in San Francisco by Wesley, with Daniel and Stephen joining by Skype. Jeff and Cosgrove told the tender, sexy, and hilarious story of how they met 20 years ago. The re-creation of their story was filmed in Southern California with 2 actors playing the younger versions of the couple. The final 3:48 Minute Short Film was accepted into the 2014 Festival, hosted in the Pacific Northwest. 
    Not wanting to miss the festivities and the chance to meet Dan Savage himself, the crew of 9 traveled to Portland, OR to participate in the festival. After tallying the audience votes from ALL the Hump Screenings, THE GLORY HOLE took home the top prize and a $5000 prize. That makes this production the MOST FINANCIALLY SUCCESSFUL film in the history of Marty Fishman. The film can only be seen during the HUMP! Tour. Tickets and Dates can be found HERE.

The Princess Bride @ The Historic Hemet Theatre

Marty and Pee Paw return to the Historic Hemet Theatre.

The Fishman Team is presenting a special tribute screening of THE PRINCESS BRIDE for 3 days. June 20th & 21st @ 7:00PM and June 22nd @ 2:00 PM.

Remember those scenes where Peter Falk is reading the storybook to his grandson? Well, those scenes have all been replaced with Marty and Pee Paw. There is even an exciting opening dream sequence featuring Dr. Dream and Wendy.

Hope you can attend this debut screening experience from Marty Fishman Productions.
$7 for General Admission // $5 for Students, Seniors and Children.

Read the Press Enterprise article about the Production HERE.

Kaleido Kulture's Cat Show - Musical Tribute to Sage the Cat

Richard Friend, 1980s Prince and Marty Fishman present a One Night Only musical tribute to Sage the Cat.

Sage passed away in the Fall of 2013. She has been on our minds ever since.

1. Sage Overture
2. Eyes in my Bed
3. Chameleon
4. Royale Gargoyle
5. Lookin Thriftee
6. Pulse
7. Business 17
8. Priceless Princess
9. Cannabis

Show begins at 8:00PM at the Esplanade Arts Center. May 10th, 2014.

Richard Friend lets you into his Bed

Richard Friend and Rapid Wingo want to share another Trilogy of thoughts/music/pineapple heads with you.

All Episodes Found Here:

Catch Richard Friend's Sage Trilogy themed set at the Esplanade Arts Center on May 10th.

Film Camp at Dartmouth Middle School

The Creative Team behind Marty Fishman (Daniel, Stephen, and Wesley) will be hosting a Film Camp at Dartmouth Middle School this weekend.

The event is for any student that needs to make up an absence or just wants to be apart of the fun.

We will write, shoot, edit, and premiere short films on Campus.

There are two hats you need to wear when you attend: Team Work Hat and Creativity Hat.

Watch the Promotional Video that played on the "Knightly News" Below:

The Faces of Hello Penelope

We recently produced a star studded music video for local Hemet band HELLO PENELOPE. Enjoy below. And when we say 'Below'... we mean it.

Gatsby's Fiddle says "Think & Smile"

Gatsby's Fiddle has a new EP called Think & Smile. This 4-track collection of sonic tales is now available for streaming and download through BandCamp.

Think & Smile marks the first release with newly formed Hemet Record Co/Recording Studio GKISS Records. Sign up for their mailing list to receive 2 unreleased Tracks not on the EP. One of the songs is "Sea Hag on the Moon" a funky-electro Hippie Cream Cover

All songs written while Wesley and Daniel were living in South Carolina. Recorded in Portland, OR with Ryan & Jeff Burian at the Control Panel. 

My favorite song is Almost Touched. I imagine 2 hands right next to each other, almost touching...

Here is the Promo Video for the CD release show:

Hippie Cream Goes Deep in the Tiki Hut

We all know that Hippie Cream is my favorite Band, but where are they now? There are rumors of a new EP coming out. There are rumors of Band Leader Cory Houdyshell moving to the Central Coast this year. What will the future of the band be? I have no Fishin' idea! 

The Fishman Team had to capture Hippie Cream in an appropriate environment and explore the vast back catalogue of classic songs (100+ Cream Cuts and counting).

The Band travelled to a Tiki Hut in the mountains of Idyllwild, CA and recorded some of their deepest cuts: Takin' a Fish / My Neighbor / Pray That When I Die / Pee Paw I'm Gonna Save Ya / Creepy Old Guy / The Magical Chocolate Flute.   

Merry Christmas Junior!

This Year for Christmas, a special film was made for Philip R. Maggio jr. (the Father of Daniel & Ryan Maggio).

On Christmas Morning, Phil opened a DVD (artwork above) that contained the Following Short Film about his early days in Hemet as a Mafia Overlord.

We hope you enjoy it as much as Dad did. Filmed in 2.5 Days and edited on Christmas Eve.

Watch the Short Film HERE.

New Website. New Video. New (Fish)Man.

It took months of thinking, coding, and editing to get this puppy ready. You are on it right now. We've revamped the Marty Fishman Website! And when a new chapter begins, there should be lots of gifts involved.

We've created a new Welcome Video, Chronicled our Past Work, and written a wonderful book: Marty's 5 Tips to a Creative Life.

MartyFishman.com is a home for all of our creative endeavors as well as scientific findings relating to the Creative Process. Feel free to swim around the site and hopefully you are inspired to make some fun projects with your friends.

California Fish

All of the fish are now back in California. Daniel and Wesley had been living in South Carolina for the past 9 months, but are now home.

Since reuniting, the team has been working to re-vamp the Marty Fishman Website and getting the Newsletter Active Again.

To make sure you are up to date on all things Fishman, please sign up for our bi-monthly newsletter. There is one of those fancy web forms on the right side of the website.

Hippie Cream's Cannibal Stewardess 2 now on Amazon

They say once you get on Amazon.com you've made it. Hippie Cream re-recorded their classic tune Cannibal Stewardess 2 in honor of the Short Film being produced. It is now available for digital download through Amazon Music.

You can download the song from Amazon

You can listen to the original version of the song on Hippie Cream's Bandcamp Page

Priceless Princess

While living in South Carolina, we met a wonderfully talented young man named Jason (also know as Express the rapper). Richard Friend, Express and Gatsby's Fiddle began working on a music collaboration about a Princess leaving home for the first time. The goal was to capture the energy of Jason and preserve our time in South Carolina with a song. The result is a 6-Part Hip Hop Suite in the key of C Major. Stephen and Paola created a promo video for the song while the audio was being polished by 1980sPrince.

Hear the Full Song Below:

Hemet Horses

Did you know there are loads of Beautiful Horses living in Hemet? Our new affiliate Website
Hemet Horses just launched. Stephen and Paola visit Horses all around the Hemet area and feed them carrots. Music from Notiz Yong and 1980sPrince are featured in the videos.
We expect this video series to last for years since there are so many horses in our quint desert town.
Here is my favorite in the series so far:

Richard Vegas

The Fishman Crew recently went on a Trip to Las Vegas. During our visit, a series of promotional videos were created for Sage Trilogy starring Hip Hop Artist Richard Friend. This is the first time Richard Friend has made a public appearance. Even the drunk freaks of Las Vegas were confused by his oddly shaped head.
Watch the First Video Below.
View Episode 2
View Episode 3

Sage Trilogy is Alive

Many of you know I have a cat named Sage. Did you know that she started a Blog called Sage Trilogy? There is great significance in Trilogies and her blog explores this. Sage and Wesley are dedicated to make a post every day for the next year. Sage has actually contractually obligated Wesley to posting every single day. Topics include poetry, human rights, feline empowerment, and Richard Friend.

CS 2 Screens at SFUSFF

Our latest production Cannibal Stewardess 2 screened at the San Francisco Underground Short Film Festival last night. None of the fish could be in attendance, but our good friends Cosgrove and Jeff attended and said the film got a loving reaction from the crowd of freaks. It was hosted by San Francisco Drag Performer Peaches Christ. Below is Daniel's official trailer for the Festival.