GKISS in the Woods
Recorded at the Funky Bazaar in Idyllwild, CA. GKISS Records headed into the mountains for a day of live music in October 2014. Recorded/Mixed/Mastered by Ryan Burian.

   Goats of Men - Spiders of Mulholland
Have you ever been to the Salton Sea? Maybe you've seen the movie with Val Kilmer. It's a weird place with dead fish all over the shoreline. This is always a sad sight for a Fish to see. This music video features the spaghetti tunes of Goats of Men, sweet cinematic hand of Myles Gilbert, and the acting chops of Buckwheat the Goat.

   Richard Bed - Episode 1
Richard Friend and Rapid Wingo return with a new trilogy. Each episode was filmed in a Bedroom. Wesley, Stephen, and Daniel were all living with the "parents" during the shoot. These are the rooms they occupied. Watch all episodes at

   Hello Penelope - Winona Ryder
The Beautiful faces of GKISS rockers Hello Penelope. Filmed at Alaythia Music on the Black Magic.

   Interracial Bookclub - Richard Friend REMIX
"Just to make things clear, yes we're a band, no we're not a book club, yes we are an interracial dating site," said Interracial Bookclub. Filmed at The Wheelhouse on February 15th 2014.

   Hippie Cream - Deep Cuts from the Tiki Hut
Welcome to a Tiki Hut Adventure! Join Hippie Cream as they explore some of their 'Early Curlies'. Filmed in Idyllwild, CA on November 11th, 2013 by the Marty Fishman crew.

   Priceless Princess
Richard Friend, Express, & Gatsby's Fiddle explore leaving home in this 6-part Hip Hop Suite. Cycling through child-like melodies, electric rock, trash rap, and soulful belting, Priceless Princess is a rare sonic journey that must be experienced. Recorded in Murrells Inlet, South Carolina during September 2013.

   Richard Vegas - Episode 1
Richard Friend enters the world and his head looks strange. Videos shot on Location at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas, NV. Original Music by Richard Friend. Recorded in August 2013. View Episode 2. View Episode 3.

   Hippie Cream - Sewer Sessions - Crawl Under Me
Live Sessions inspired by Hippie Cream's 2012 release ANTIQUE IMAGINATION. Shot in a track home in Temecula, CA (beautiful wine country). Five Songs recorded during Session. Garden in the Sewer, Toothpick Turtle, Pillow of Death, and Guardian Angel.

   Hippie Cream - Cannibal Stewardess 2 Music Video
In honor of the short film, Hippie Cream re-recorded their classic song with modern technology and sensabilities. Using footage from the short film, here is the music video for the song.

   Christmas Bop
For the 2012 Holiday Season, Gatsby's Fiddle, Lucy and La Mer, & Beisbol covered a Christmas Classic. Shot and Edited 2 days before the actual birth of the Christ Figure.

   Beisbol - Is it You?
Unofficial Music video for Beisbol's Unofficial Release of IS IT YOU? Recorded entirely with Moog synthesizer plug ins. Footage shot on iPhone and treated with Adobe After Effects. Edited by Stephen P. Siemens.

   Gatsby's Fiddle - Man Down the Hallway
After the release of Gatsby's first LP Stories & Toys, the group recorded session videos in San Jose, CA. Each Video incorporated artwork from Stephen and a group of talented SJSU Cinematographers. View the Courthouse Love video from the same Session.