Internet Movie Daniel Base

The (almost) complete works of Marty Fishman are now on

It really is weird to see all the movies listed in chronological order. Big time people (like Martin Scorsese, Jake Gyllenhaal, Crispin Glover) have IMDb profiles, and now all of the Fishman Team do as well. From Brosis all the way to Remembering When, the filmography is forever documented on the internet. Daniel's Mom even has an IMDb page!

If you want a tip about submitting your work to IMDb: simply start a free trial of IMDb Pro and submit your little butt off. There is a Contribution Zone, where you can submit your work. It would appear that those with a "pro" account get higher priority for contributions.

The Pro account also allows you to upload a picture of yourself. Daniel's profile picture was taken by Golden Era Productions.