Hippie Cream Brings Hope to your Skull

    Hippie Cream is back with a brand new lo-fi treasure. The group returns to their garage recording roots with Uncle Cory in the Captain Seat. This creamy collection of 14 new songs represents the best aspects of the band: 

- the tender wisdom behind Bob's vocals
- those soft snare "clacks" that Drummer Sean breaths into the microphone
- the hop-a-long horse-bounce that is a "Travis" bass line
- the layered melodies of Sean Longstreet's deepest desires
- a cast of heartbreaking heroes, as only uncle cory can write them
- the low tones of wesley's beard personified through vocal vibration 
- a mix-match of different vocal takes piled on each other
- general white noise under the songs

It has been a while since we heard new material from Hemet's oldest band. It's good to have them back with a "Skull Full of Hope." 

In true Hippie Cream fashion, the project has inspired a pitter patter of inspiration through the collective:

- a new Gatsby's Fiddle album
- a Hippie Cream Concert Film / Documentary in the works
- Cory is now brewing his own beer

Let's "hope" it's not another year until we get more material from these strangers in the basement.